The Future of Food 2024

What is the Future of Food?
The impact of climate change threatens our agricultural landscape, endangering the foundation of our food system. I am proud to share my commitment to sustainable food systems through proposed measures like the Zero Food Waste Act, the Food Forest Gardening Act, the Buy Local Act, and the Seed Libraries Act.
For years, I have initiated the Bayong-All-You-Can event for Senate employees during my birthday, giving free rescued vegetables from distressed farmers. I also supported the Slow Food movement and introduced the Philippine Culinary Heritage Act to preserve and promote our culinary traditions.
I believe that we can draw hope from the wisdom passed down by our ancestors, the resilience of indigenous food systems, and the innovativeness of our people to ensure food security. I am grateful to the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA Manila) for the invitation to speak at the ‘Future of Food Conference 2024.’ Let’s recognize the intrinsic connections shaping our tables—linking past and present, culture and environment.