Organizational Meeting of AWLFI of the 18th Congress of the HOR

Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman was elected as an adviser of the Association of Women Legislators Foundation, Inc. (AWLFI) of the 18th Congress of the House of Representatives. AWLFI is a non-partisan organization composed of all female legislators of the House of Representatives. Its main task is to ensure that legislative agenda that strengthens the position of women and the welfare of children in the community is properly heard and acted upon in the House of Representatives. Other elected officers are Cong. Lani Cayetano as chairperson, Deputy Speaker Rose Marie “Baby” Arenas as President, and Deputy Speaker Evie Escudero as Senior Vice President. As the new adviser of AWLFI, Deputy Speaker Legarda will wholeheartedly share her knowledge and experiences to fulfill the objectives of AWLFI.