National Arts and Crafts Fair (NACF) 2023

The National Arts and Crafts Fair (NACF) 2023 ended its 5-day journey on a high note! I had the opportunity to meet talented artisans from all over the country, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to support their crafts and showcase their work.

The NACF is important because it promoted our MSMEs and assisted the growth of their enterprises. The income went straight to them, so they could continue to create and innovate products.

The fair also brought us closer to communities from all over the Philippines, even those from far-flung areas. It was a place where we learned about different cultures and traditions, and appreciated the diversity of our country, especially with the participation of the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan (GAMABA) Awardees, or the National Living Treasures, and the Schools of Living Tradition (SLT). There were also programs and product demonstrations every day, so there was something for everyone to enjoy.

I am thankful for the convergence of different government agencies that made this fair possible, including the DTI, NCCA, DCP, PTRI, PhilFIDA, NBDB, TESDA, and my office in the Senate. Everyone’s contribution was invaluable. My sincerest gratitude to you all.

It has been a wonderful week, and I am already looking forward to next year’s NACF!