Meeting with Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Had an insightful dialogue with Marcel Silvius, Deputy Director for Asia at GGGI (Global Green Growth Institute), along with other dedicated members of their team and KOICA. Discussed the impactful strides GGGI is making in the Philippines for green growth and sustainability.
Great to hear about their collaboration with the Climate Change Commission, local government units, and private sector, like the recent roll-out of electric vehicles in Bataan! These efforts are not just about greening the economy but also about building resilient livelihoods for many.
I’m optimistic and ready to support plans for a large-scale adaptation project in Oriental Mindoro and even expand to Panay Island so we prioritize nature-based solutions and climate-resilient agriculture. These initiatives that prioritize both environmental and economic well-being should serve as blueprints for transformational adaptation in this era of climate change.
A Host Country Agreement between GGGI and the Republic of the Philippines has been signed by the President, which will allow GGGI to fully function as an established international organization, and offer the full benefits of its services, in the Philippines. We fully support its full entry into force after deliberation and concurrence by the Senate based on our Constitutional mandate.
And let’s look forward to the upcoming visit of Former SecGen Ban Ki-moon, GGGI’s President of the Assembly and Chair of the Council, this February. His leadership adds a significant aspect to GGGI’s mission.
Anticipating further collaboration towards a greener and more sustainable planet!