Meeting with Dr. Fritz Hack Ullmer

I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Fritz Hack Ullmer in the Senate today. Dr. Ullmer is a descendant of Pastor Karl Ullmer, who hosted Dr. Jose Rizal during his stay in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany, in 1886.
Back in 2019, I had the opportunity to explore Wilhelmsfeld and learn more about Dr. Rizal’s journey in Germany. Dr. Ullmer, a passionate admirer of Dr. Rizal himself, led us on a captivating historical tour, tracing Rizal’s footsteps through the very house where he wrote the last chapters of Noli Me Tangere, places he visited, and the picturesque banks of the Neckar River that inspired him to write his poem “A Las Flores De Heidelberg.”
We continue to forge connections with Germany just like our national hero did many years ago. Just recently, Dr. Ullmer donated items to Museo ni Jose Rizal in Intramuros, Manila, including Dr. Rizal’s board game table, walking sticks, and violin that he used during his stay at the Ullmers.
We are thankful to individuals like Dr. Ullmer, who appreciates and has a genuine care for our history.