International Women’s Day Celebration 2024: Investing in Equality toward Gender-inclusive Prosperity

Honored to deliver a keynote speech during the #InternationalWomensDay celebration organized by Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and UN Women today.
In our pursuit of equity, I highlighted the significant, often unnoticed burden of unpaid care and domestic work shouldered by women in our society.
I am happy to share that I filed SB 1648 or the Unpaid Care Workers Welfare Act of 2022 that challenges traditional family structures and gender norms, aiming to ensure fair sharing of household and caregiving duties. Breaking down barriers between childcare and work, this bill opens doors for women to participate more actively and engage on equal footing.
Let’s continue working together to create a society where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and realize their full potential. Investing in equality today paves the way for a gender-inclusive, prosperous future for all.