DFA-FSI’s Partners’ Lecture Series

As part of the Department of Foreign Affairs- Foreign Service Institute’s (DFA-FSI) Women’s Month celebration, I delivered a lecture for the Partners’ Lecture Series (PLS), focusing on “Women Leadership and Nation Building.”
My lecture centers on three fields of study which I believe hold the potential to change the landscape of policymaking: Technology, Evolution, and Gender Equality.
Technology should be considered an important aspect of all decision-making and we should see this as a driving force in combating the threats of artificial intelligence in today’s world.
Evolution should also be treated as vital in the country’s policymaking. This is about understanding how people have evolved and how the drastic changes have caused challenges and problems in the community.
Lastly, as gender inequality still persists despite current legislative efforts, we must acknowledge the struggles that women face. We must showcase them as agents of positive change at home, in the service, and the whole of society.
We can achieve the goals of a progressive nation as long as there are educated citizens thinking critically and innovatively.
Thank you to DFA-FSI, for the opportunity to share my insights on policymaking and its guiding principles that will ultimately benefit the Filipino people.