Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda’s visit in Rome, Italy

Upon the invitation of the honorary President of Centrist Democrat International (CDI) Pier Ferdinando Casini and CDI Secretary General Antonio López- Istúriz to attend the Executive Committee meeting of its members, Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda joined the CDI members of parliament in various discussions on the geopolitical landscape in Europe, Latin America and saw its eventual impact on Asia.

Shared values of democratic principles, respect for human rights, economic and trade issues between Europe and other regions of the world were among discussion points by members of parliament from various nations with CDI members.

A dinner was graciously attended by the Italian Minister of EU Affairs, Hon. Vincenzo Amendola. He eloquently spoke of Europe amid brexit and these changing times.
A meeting with the Vatican Secretary of State His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin capped the 2 day conference. Earlier, the youth of CDI was launched in the Italian parliament where young parliamentarians committed to democratic principles converged.

IDC-CDI is a global international political group focused on promoting Christian democracy, integral humanism and interfaith dialogue, and supports women participation in politics.

Deputy Speaker Legarda felt much honored to have been invited to join such event.