DepEd’s Language and Inclusion Summit

Language and education have always been close to my heart, integrated into every aspect of my work. The connection between language and our ability to interact with our surroundings is undeniable. Language strengthens our society’s capacity to engage meaningfully with its habitat.

Our collective responsibility is to revitalize and preserve our languages by implementing policies and programs. As a four-term Senator, I have consistently championed linguistic inclusivity to foster better communication and a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures. Some of my notable contributions are authoring and co-sponsoring the Filipino Sign Language Act, supporting DepEd’s Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Program, publishing the Atlas ng Wika, and pushing for the passage of the Cultural Mapping Bill and the Language Accessibility Act.

Linguistic inclusivity is not limited to education alone. Today, I urge everyone to take pride in our spoken and written languages and recognize the immense advantages of multilingualism. By valuing and protecting our indigenous languages, we enhance our capacity to preserve our habitats and provide visitors with an authentic experience of our diverse cultures. Let us embrace multilingualism as Filipinos and make it an integral part of our globalized world.