Approval of bicam report of the New Government Procurement Act

Passed and ratified!

The bicam report of the New Government Procurement Act (Senate Bill No. 2593) is now approved and ratified!

This act aims to modernize the country’s procurement system, which has been in place for two decades. The legislation seeks to increase transparency, competitiveness, efficiency, proportionality, accountability, public monitoring, procurement professionalization, sustainability, and value for money in government procurement. Further more, this bill seeks to ensure a “fit-for-purpose” in the adoption of procurement modalities, through the introduction of new procurement modes which offer greater flexibility to procuring entities, enabling them to select the most appropriate method tailored to their specific needs and to improve the government’s ability to deliver services to Filipinos.

Congratulations to Sen. Sonny Angara for successfully sponsoring the proposed measure. I am honored to join you in the bicam panel and grateful that you accepted all my amendments to green the supply chain and mainstream sustainability.