An Afternoon with Senator Loren Legarda at Assumption College San Lorenzo

It is always heartwarming to go back to my alma mater, Assumption College. Today, I had the privilege to share some of the timeless values instilled in me by the institution and St. Marie Eugenie.

“The spirit of the Assumption is characterized by straightforwardness, openness, thoughtfulness, simplicity, honor, kindness, and courage.” These have been among my guiding principles as I tread the path toward my strong desire to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way.

I encouraged students to embrace curiosity, compassion, and integrity—essential traits for living a life with dignity and purpose. I also imparted to them the importance of standing up for justice and treating others with respect.

I will always be grateful to Assumption College for the discipline that it has instilled in me during my formative years. Its influence continues to shape my work ethic, nurturing my passion for excellence and dedication to serving others.