31st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF)

It is my honor and privilege to have been designated as the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee of the 31st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF), a key role in shaping the final text of the draft resolutions submitted by our fellow parliamentarians from the Asia Pacific region.

The Secretariat received a total of 37 proposed resolutions from 10 member parliaments.

The Drafting Committee received and adopted 10 consolidated resolutions referred by the four working groups, which are as follows:
1. Combatting Transnational Crimes;
2. Women’s Participation and Leadership;
3. Gender and the Sustainable Development Goals;
4. Rethinking Critical Infrastructure;
5. Regional Cooperation on Universal Health Care;
6. Regional Cooperation on Education and Culture;
7. Enhancing Regional Cooperation on Climate Action, Biodiversity Conservation, and Disaster Risk Reduction;
8. Korean Peninsula;
9. Human Capital Development and Inclusive Growth; and
10. Strengthening the Capacity of Parliaments to Promote Peace and Stability.

These resolutions received overwhelming approval from the Drafting Committee, with some countries expressing their intent to co-sponsor.

My sincerest gratitude to all the delegates for their active participation and patience during the deliberations of the Drafting Committee and its Working Groups. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the invaluable insights and wisdom contributed by my co-chair, Congressman Lorenz Defensor, and Senator JV Ejercito and Senator Koko Pimentel, who acted as my alternate Chairs.