Legarda: PH needs to step up in marine preservation

June 5, 2024

Senator Loren Legarda asserted the Philippines’ role in promoting the sustainability of marine resources around the world.
“The leadership of coastal nations is crucial for the protection of our oceans—those who experience the sands of Deauville in France, the Arribada in Tamarindo in Costa Rica, and the seaside cliffs of Palawan know full well what it means to love the sea,” Legarda said during the Blue Nations – France and Philippines: Partners for the Oceans event on Wednesday.
“These are but tiny […]

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Legarda secures another landmark victory for the environment with PENCAS Act signed into law

May 24, 2024

Senator Loren Legarda lauds the signing into law of the Philippine Ecosystem and Natural Capital Accounting System (PENCAS) Act or Republic Act No. 11995. This landmark legislation, principally authored and sponsored by Senator Legarda, marks a significant stride in integrating environmental sustainability into the country’s economic framework.
The four-term senator, renowned for her dedication to environmental causes, celebrated this legislative milestone as a transformative development for the Philippines. “It has been a long and pioneering journey since we first filed what […]

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Legarda welcomes approval and ratification of New Government Procurement Act

May 23, 2024

Senator Loren Legarda hails the approval and ratification of the Bicameral Conference Committee Report for the New Government Procurement Act that is geared towards addressing tedious procedures in public procurement and ensuring a ‘fit-for-purpose’ in the adoption of procurement modalities in the country.
The New Government Procurement Act is proof of the government’s comprehensive and collective effort to overhaul the country’s procurement processes through the introduction of new procurement modes. These modes offer greater flexibility to procuring entities, enabling them to […]

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Legarda encourages people to voice out opinions on RBH 6

May 18, 2024

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda today underscored the importance of participation from all sectors regarding proposed amendments to certain economic provisions in the 1987 Constitution.
As the Upper Chamber heads to different parts of the country to hear the local stakeholders’ take on the hot-button provisions on public utilities, education, and advertising, Legarda said it is paramount for everybody to voice out their opinion to hammer out pieces of legislation that would be beneficial to most, if not all.
“You don’t […]

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Senate continues hearing on RBH 6

May 16, 2024

Important matters will be discussed as senators, including Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda, head to Baguio on Friday to tackle Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 6, which seeks to amend the 1987 Constitution.
“With such a bold move in altering our current way of life, we must think clearly and precisely about our next steps,” said Legarda.
It may be recalled that Legarda, one of the authors of RBH 6, underscored the importance of accurately and carefully reviewing proposed amendments […]

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