Vow to help

September 2, 2021

Rep. Loren Legarda has made a promise to herself to help financially empower all 68 rural communities that have been featured on the award-winning documentary series that she hosts, “Dayaw.”

In an online conference recently, Loren said she’s exhausting all means, from legislative to grassroots marketing, just to provide assistance to tribal and non-tribal folk in far-flung places who continue to preserve our cultural heritage.

Loren is also the poster girl of indigenous clothing, trinkets and accessories. She wears them during both ordinary and special occasions.

Promoting Filipino indigenous culture is her mission, she says.

“Dayaw continues to champion Filipino heritage through its 11th season.

A production of ANC and the NCCA, “Dayaw” documents the lifeways, traditions, practices of the different Indigenous Peoples groups since 2015.

Loren herself conceptualized the program.

The Antique congresswoman takes pride in having featured elderly artisans and craftsmen who shared their knowledge and skills on the program but who have now passed on.

“Without their sharing, younger Filipinos will never have an idea about those aspects of Filipino culture.”

Dayaw Season 11 focuses on Filipino martial arts like arnis, silat, eskrima.

The show earned praise recently among foreign viewers when it featured traditional Filipino children’s games as patintero, sipa, luksong tinik,

The season wraps on September 3 with “Sayawang Pinoy.”

“Dayaw” airs every Thursday at 6pm on ANC and the ANC Facebook page.


Source: Tempo

Nestor Cuartero