Traditional Weaving in 19th Episode of “Stories for a Better Normal” Series

September 23, 2020

For the 19th episode of “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Change Pathways,” with the topic “Weaving Resilience: Reviving Indigenous Textiles and Crafts,” traditional weaving experts will share knowledge on indigenous weaving traditions and crafts, as well as underscore the need to enhance the resilience of the weaving industry against climate change.

The episode, hosted by House Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda, will air on Thursday, 24 September 2020, 10:00 AM via Facebook Live at and

Indigenous textile experts and traditional weavers will join the online conversation, including Dr. Norma Respicio, Philippine textile expert, University of the Philippines (UP) Professor Emeritus; Ms. Anna India Legaspi, piña cloth expert based in Aklan; and Ms. Rhoda Pon-an, Executive Director of the Antique Development Foundation.

The episode will also highlight traditional weaving as an environmental-friendly, sustainable, and culture-based livelihood, and feature grassroots enterprises that keep the weaving traditions alive.

In previous episodes, the online series tackled food gardening, saving seeds, permaculture, good nutrition and diet, youth climate activism, sustainable urban mobility, planting native trees, practical sustainability, narrating risk to resilience stories through books, tree pest and disease management, and biodiversity conservation in order to teach citizens to be self-sustainable, self-sufficient, and appreciative of our nature.

This upcoming episode aims to emphasize the role of our traditional weaving industry in preserving our cultural heritage and local craftspersonship, as well as generate broader public support for traditional weaving and crafts as our indigenous weavers and groups face challenges due to the pandemic and climate crisis.

As an online discussion to promote health, environmental consciousness, and climate-adaptive practices, “Stories for a Better Normal” aims to change the mindset of individuals, families, and communities by demonstrating ways in which a ‘better normal’ can be realized within our communities.

This online discussion is organized in partnership between the Office of Deputy Speaker Legarda and the Climate Change Commission, with support from the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, The Climate Reality Project-Philippines and Mother Earth Foundation. ###