Statement of Senator Loren Legarda on US President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement

June 2, 2017

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Trump decided to pull out from the Paris Agreement. The decision reeks of ignorance and condemns US foreign policy into infamy. It is truly a sad day, but we are not hopeless. The way forward is for US cities and states to enforce it. Americans are even eager to do their share. They can continue to demand from their leaders and lead themselves. The private sector can be the game changer.


The shift towards low-carbon, resilient economy is underway. There’s no turning back especially for leaders who are enlightened, for nations who understand the risks of inaction to their people.


The rest of the world will continue to find ways of solving the climate crisis because for vulnerable countries like the Philippines, this is a matter of survival. Countries supporting the Paris Agreement, industry leaders and even the financial markets are uniting towards stronger climate action. It is morally just and offers the planet the prospect of continued economic progress. We need to work harder together for the sake of our only planet and the future generations.”