Statement of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda on the shooting incident in Tarlac

December 21, 2020

Deputy Speaker and Antique Congresswoman Loren Legarda issued a statement today strongly condemning the mother and son murder in Tarlac by a police officer on Sunday, December 20. A video of the killing perpetrated by Police Corporal Jonel Nuezca posted on the internet by a concerned citizen who witnessed the heinous crime has gone viral.

“Gun violence should never be tolerated. One life lost because of police brutality is one life too many. The Philippine National Police should swiftly rule against the irresponsible use of authority and power of its personnel,” urged Legarda.

“The police are vested with the authority to uphold the rule of law and maintain peace and order in our communities, not to be the one to instigate lawless violence. Incidents like this have caused the lives of innocent and unarmed civilians and this, as well as other past similar cases, must be brought to swift justice,” added Legarda.

The three-term Senator also challenged the PNP leadership by saying that, “while we extol the good deeds and excellent service of many of our men in uniform, this crime should never go unpunished. Let the PNP make an example out of this incident that only those officers with honor and integrity should remain in the service of the country and of our people.”***