Statement of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda on the Passing of Former Senator Heherson Alvarez

April 22, 2020

I join the nation in mourning the passing of former Senator Heherson Alvarez on April 20, at the age of 80, due to complications from COVID-19.

Senator Alvarez has been a prominent figure in human rights, a great defender of our freedoms, a staunch advocate for the environment, a pioneer for climate action when no one else’s voice was heard.

As a fellow environmentalist, whose years in the senate preceded mine, he championed the climate change causes long before anyone else did. He was consistent, persistent, passionate, unrelenting, till the end. He and his wife, Cecile, even attended a climate change hearing at the House of Representatives in late February to give full support to our shared advocacies.

His invaluable contribution to the country will always be remembered, cherished, appreciated as it brought improvement to the lives of Filipinos.