Solon praying for encyclical on climate change

January 20, 2015

Senator Loren Legarda on Monday expressed hope for an encyclical on climate change following the papal visit.

“Pope Francis has blessed us with many inspirational and encouraging messages during his visit to our country and I hope we can carefully digest each message, including his statement on caring for the environment, and not only take it to heart but also translate it into action,” said Legarda, Chairwoman of the Senate Committees on Environment and Natural Resources, and Climate Change.

Sunday’s mass at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, Pope Francis said God “created the world as a beautiful garden and asked us to care for it. But through sin, man has disfigured that natural beauty.”

Legarda said it was disheartening that people left the place scattered with trash.

“I don’t think it is too hard to find a waste basket or take trash back home to dispose of it properly. These simple acts should already be part of our attitude and lifestyle if we seriously take our responsibility as stewards of the environment. I hope that the discipline that Filipinos have shown in lining up, waiting for hours and attending the Pope’s events would persist and reverberate in our daily actions and decisions,” Legarda said.

She said it would be welcome for the pope to issue an encyclical on climate change to expound on humankind’s role in protecting the environment.

Since the beginning of his papacy, she said Pope Francis has been reminding us of our role as ‘protectors of the environment’.

Through the his constant reminder and the highly-anticipated encyclical on climate change, she remains optimistic that we will be more successful in encouraging people of all faiths to nurture nature for the well being of all.

Legarda said the abuse of our natural resources leads to deeper poverty and makes us more vulnerable to natural hazards and climate change. We should be mindful of our environment by respecting our environmental laws, veering away from a consumptive lifestyle, and working towards sustainability and resilience.

Source: Manila Standard Today