Senate Approves on 2nd Reading Bill Granting Survivorship Benefits to Children, Parents of Deceased Retired Officials of Constitutional Offices

January 22, 2019

Senator Loren Legarda today said that the Senate has approved on second reading the proposed bill granting survivorship benefits to dependent children or surviving parents of deceased retired officials of constitutional offices.

Legarda, author of Senate Bill No. 1917, said that at present, Republic Act No. 10084 only provides benefits to the surviving legitimate spouse of the deceased retired officials of the Commission on Audit (COA), Civil Service Commission (CSC), Commission on Elections (COMELEC), and the Ombudsman.

“Through this bill, we are amending RA 10084 so that survivorship benefits will be granted not only to the surviving legitimate spouse of a deceased retired member of the COA, CSC, COMELEC, and the Ombudsman, but also to the dependent children of those members of these offices who are solo parents, as well as the surviving parents or nominated person/s of such deceased retiree,” Legarda explained.

Once the proposed measure is passed into law, the dependents would be entitled to receive on a monthly basis all the retirement benefits that the deceased retiree was receiving at the time of his or her death.

“Recognizing the emerging nuances in the set-up of modern-day Filipino families, and heeding the call for fairness and equality to the members of these constitutionally-created offices who are unmarried or are solo parents, such measure is needed to ensure that qualified beneficiaries are rightfully provided with benefits and entitlements as allowed by law. Ultimately, this will contribute in our effort to recognize the commitment and sacrifices rendered by these officials in their service of our country and of the Filipino people,” Legarda concluded.