Plant-based diets in 40th episode of ‘Stories for a Better Normal’ Series

April 6, 2021

MANILA, 6 April 2021 — Plant-based chefs will gather virtually to share knowledge on plant-based diets, including preservation of vegetable dishes in Filipino cuisine, and to raise awareness on the power of plant-based food to address the climate crisis on the 40th episode of “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Change Pathways,” with the topic “Oh My Gulay!”

The episode, hosted by three-term former Senator, now Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda, will air on Thursday, 8 April 2021, 10:00 AM via Facebook Live through the Climate Change Commission, Office of Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda and the Department of Education.

Joining the online conversation are sustainable food enthusiasts including Chef Mae Dolonius of Studio Plantmaed; Chef JR Royol, host of GMA’s Farm to Table; and Asha Peri of Ecology of Food to discuss nutritious and sustainable food consumption through easy-to-do, plant-based recipes.

In previous episodes, the online series tackled the importance of preserving local food heritage through sustainable diets, as well as backyard farming, food gardening, saving seeds, and planting organic fruits and vegetables the permaculture way in order to teach the public how to be self-sustainable and self-sufficient.

For this episode, Legarda and guests will highlight how a balanced diet though plant-based foods can present major opportunities to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impact.

Climate change poses a threat to food security. Droughts, floods, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events affect crops and livestock. Globally, an estimated 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with meat consumption. Further, when food has to travel through a great distance before it reaches the consumer’s table, it utilizes more energy for transportation and preservation, leading to greater carbon emissions.

Moreover, Filipino Food Month is celebrated every April according to Presidential Proclamation 469 signed in 2018, which aims to make sure that the country’s culinary tradition and treasures are appreciated, preserved, and promoted to ensure their transmission to future generations and to support the various industries, farmers, and agri-communities benefiting from it.

In celebration of Filipino Food Month, the upcoming episode will help the viewers understand that the answer to climate change is on our plates – by patronizing local, plant-based, and in-season foods, purchasing fresh local foods from farmer markets and food supplies from the local market, and growing fruits and vegetables in our own backyards.

As an online discussion to promote health, environmental consciousness, and climate-adaptive practices, “Stories for a Better Normal” aims to change the mindset of individuals, families, and communities by demonstrating ways in which a ‘better normal’ can be realized within our communities.

This online discussion is organized in partnership between the Office of Deputy Speaker Legarda and the Climate Change Commission, with support from the Department of Education, Philippine Information Agency, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, The Climate Reality Project-Philippines and Mother Earth Foundation. ###