On Independence Day, Legarda Urged Filipinos To Embrace Change, Preserve Cultural Identity

June 12, 2018

In commemoration of the Philippines’ 120th Independence Day, Senator Loren Legarda urged Filipinos to be open to all kinds of change, but to never forget the importance  of protecting and preserving our culture and  identity as Filipinos.


“I urge Filipinos all over the globe to embrace change. It is inevitable and it is part of growth and development, both as individuals and as a country. Move forward, take in all the new things that this rapidly changing world has to offer,” Legarda said.


“But in the midst all of these changes and developments, always make sure that you will never lose your mark and identity because it is what makes you Filipino.  It is what has brought you to where you are today,” Legarda stressed.


Legarda, who is known to be the voice of Filipinos advocating for the preservation of culture and heritage, said that change and development are components of the society that are meant to advance, but not to disregard what has been achieved. “What is also important is to make sure that changes or reforms — whether economic, political, social, environmental, among others — do not become an excuse to place other people or another sector at a disadvantage or be neglected.”


“Developmental progress, economic growth, and technological advancement among others are forces of the society that are meant to upgrade our welfare and our being, but of being a Filipino,” Legarda said.


Finally, she underscored the importance of preserving culture and heritage and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, who strive to faithfully live by the standards and traditions of their ancestors and who, in return, likewise seek to pass on their culture and tradition to the generations of Filipinos.


“Our past is a reflection of ourselves. Our heritage gives us an understanding of our identity and help us unite as Filipinos. In  a  globalized world,  where foreign influence in our daily lives is quite evident and strong, let us not let our culture, arts, and living traditions be just another part of our history. Instead, let all these boost our pride in being Filipino,” Legarda said.


Legarda further reiterates that Filipinos, in striving to achieve progress and development, should ensure that they are taking a path where no one is taken advantage of and where each and everyone benefits equally.


“As we move forward toward our desired progress as an individual and as a nation, let us be sensitive enough to make sure that every Filipino likewise enjoys the benefits of development and that our identity need not suffer during the process because when you lose your identity, that is tantamount to disregarding all the heroism and sacrifices that our forefathers did for us to gain out independence as a people and as a country,” Legarda concluded.