Message of Senator Loren Legarda on National Heroes’ Day

August 27, 2018

In commemoration of National Heroes’ Day, Senator Loren Legarda said that Filipinos can be their own hero.

“Our national heroes are the brave and selfless Filipinos who fought for peace, justice and independence. As we celebrate National Heroes’ Day, let us emulate their ideals and strive to be heroes in our own right.”

“We need not die to be a hero, we only need to be responsible citizens and be the best that we can be. Our overseas Filipino workers, our athletes and artists who represent us in the world, our teachers, soldiers, policemen, doctors, nurses and other professionals, volunteers, philanthropists, community leaders, farmers and fisherfolks who provide food on our tables, youths who make a difference, mothers and fathers who are heroes of their homes–these are proof that we are rich in everyday heroes who do and mean well for others and contribute to the welfare of society. Let us make this commemoration more meaningful by showing how our national and everyday heroes have inspired us to be good and responsible Filipinos.”