Mar’s Own Barangay Backs Loren

February 25, 2010

Nacionalista Party vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda got a boost in her support base on Thursday on her way to visit jailed NP senatorial bet Ariel Querubin, a retired Marine colonel charged with mutiny and is detained in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.
The chairman of Barangay Socorro in Cubao, Joey de Guzman, pledged the support of his constituents for Legarda’s bid to get the highest second post in government.
“I came from Barangay Socorro, which is part of this camp, and I was happy to be endorsed by the barangay captain,” Loren, speaking in Filipino, told reporters who interviewed her after her visit to Querubin.”
De Guzman told her that vice presidential candidate Mar Roxas is a voter in Barangay Socorro but has never once visited its residents in his entire life.
“So that’s why the entire barangay endorsed me,” Loren said.
Since 1998, Loren has been undertaking the L.O.R.E.N. sa Barangay program and is well known for her advocacies and civic undertakings in various fields encapsulated in the initials L.O.R.E.N. The acronym stands for Law and Order, Rights of Women, Youth and Children, Education, Environment and Employment; and Nationalism.
“It is in the barangay that one can really feel the nation’s pulse. It is here that I can talk to the Filipino everyman and hear about their daily toils,” said Loren, who is the only national candidate so far who has gone down to the barangays to talk to people and discuss their daily needs.
In Barangay Payatas, Loren shared with women’s groups some ideas for livelihood including baskets made out of old newspapers. She also talked to the residents about the importance of recycling and implementing the solid waste management law to prevent flooding.
After her barangay visits, Loren proceeded to the detention quarters of Querubin.
She was with running-mate Manny Villar and senatorial bet Pia Cayetano and Querubin’s family, including 23-year-old son Martin, who has been standing in for his father in campaign sorties.