Mahalin ang Ating Kultura: Senator Loren Legarda and Kultura celebrate gifts of hope

April 6, 2014

MANILA, Philippines – Much has been said about the recent calamities in the Visayas — the earthquakes and the super-typhoon that brought much devastation and tragedy to the region. Amid all these, the Filipinos’ resilience and strength have amazed and inspired the world.

“The Filipinos’ resilient spirit is admired by the world,” says Senator Loren Legarda, United Nation’s Asia-Pacific regional champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation. These tragedies also bring light to two of her advocacies: environmental protection and disaster resilience.

“As a country exposed to natural hazards, we should now be experts in preparing for typhoons; we should now be typhoon-resilient at the very least,” she said. “Unfortunately, Yolanda happened and it is only now that we realize what we still have to do.” Yet, she believes in moving forward.

“Other nations marvel at how we accepted the losses and tragic experiences. Certainly we are giving ourselves time to weep and mourn, but not for long, as the light of the new day beckons,” she adds.

And with that light comes the ability to rise up as the monumental work of rebuilding begins. “Our resilient character should drive us to see challenges as opportunities to become stronger and better,” she says.

Rebuilding the people’s livelihood in the affected areas is one challenge, as these disasters have left “many people jobless in the aftermath, and the need for more opportunities for entrepreneurship” is vital.

That is why Kultura Filipino’s collection of items from Visayan communities is a window of hope to boost livelihood in the region. These gifts of hope also highlight the ability of Filipinos to brave all storms in life.

More than that, these are items that celebrate the artistry and creativity of the Visayans. There are the exquisite fashion accessories made from natural materials; world-class items for the home made from capiz shells; as well as Cebuano delicacies like Premium Fruit Cookies and dried mangoes covered in Belgian chocolate.

While “we have passed laws such as the Magna Carta for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises and the Barangay Kabuhayan Act that support and promote entrepreneurship in the country,” Legarda commends Kultura for its “efforts to tap local entrepreneurs, which give a boost to micro entrepreneurship. It realizes the goals of our laws by actually bringing locally made products to the Filipino and international consumers.”

During a recent visit to the SM Aura store, Legarda was fascinated by these gifts of hope from the Visayas. Kultura recommends these products.

Source: Philstar