Love of country vital in nation-building — Legarda

January 23, 2024

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda pushed for Filipinos to espouse a deep sense of love of country as the nation celebrates the 125th anniversary of the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic.

Attending the celebrations inside the historic Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan, Legarda said Filipinos should bear the same aspirations the members of the First Republic had in 1899.

“Bagama’t 125 na taon na ang makalipas buhat nang maitatag ang Unang Republika, nananatiling sariwa ang kanilang adhikain upang mabigyan ang bansa ng kasarinlan at kapayapaan,” Legarda said.

“Ang ating pagkakaisa bilang Pilipino ay importante sapagkat ang pagtungo sa iisang mithiing mapabuti ang ating kalagayan ay katulad rin ng pangarap ng mga tao sa nakaraan,” she added.

Legarda is a direct descendant of Ariston Gella, who was a member of the Malolos Congress that drafted an early version of the Philippine Constitution.

Gella is the great-grandfather of the four-term senator. He was Antique’s representative to the landmark event in the nation’s history, was also the first pharmacist of Antique, aside from being a constitutionalist. His brother was governor of Antique, another brother was mayor of Sibalom.

Legarda, a staunch advocate of history, arts, culture, also pushed for the preservation and further teaching of Philippine history not only to the next generation but to the present as well.

“We are in an endless cycle of problems, and our ancestors faced similar challenges, so let us use those lessons to help bring about a brighter tomorrow,” Legarda concluded. (End)