Loren Urges SUCs: Support Needed to Effectively Implement Climate Laws

March 16, 2017

Senator Loren Legarda today urged the country’s state universities and colleges to assist local government units in implementing the country’s laws on climate and environment, stressing that local action is crucial in ensuring the survival of present and future generations.


Legarda made the statement at the Orientation Meeting with State Universities and Colleges, held at the Senate.


“Section 16 of the Climate Change law, which I principally authored, calls for the coordination of LGUs with various sectors–including the academe, in the development and implementation of Local Climate Change Action Plans or LCCAPs,” Legarda, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, explained.


Legarda noted that the SUCs’ role at the ground is very crucial as they can assist in formulating and enhancing these LCCAPs.


“We need to fast track the creation of the LCCAP of all cities, municipalities and provinces in the country. These LCCAPs can be the tools to access grant-based funding from the People’s Survival Fund, and even from international climate funds,” said Legarda.


“With the available historical and cultural information that you (SUCs) already have, and the technical expertise for research and development, you will give the heart and soul to these action plans,” she added.


The Senator explained that no less than the Department of the Interior and Local Government, through its several department circulars, has acknowledged the vital role played by the academe as “service providers in terms of training on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation-related concerns, hazard mapping, risk and vulnerability assessment.” As part of its capacity building for LGUs, the DILG has continuously embarked on the training of select state universities and colleges on climate and disaster risk assessment.


“We have to work together to fight these climate battles. With the concerted effort by LGUs, by the academe, by the government, we will be able to win the battle. The important thing is to show the world that even in the midst of tragedies, we can fuel optimism. We ignite hope not only for our fellowmen but also for future generations,” Legarda concluded.