Loren Pays Tribute to Harry Gasser

April 4, 2014

“I extend my sympathies to Harry’s family, to his wife Flora and their children. I am deeply saddened by his passing,” said Senator Loren Legarda on the death of her former co-anchor, Harry Gasser.

“Harry was very professional. He was kind, a gentleman and a credible person,” she recalled.

Gasser died on Thursday, April 3, a few days after he suffered a stroke.

“I am sad that after Angelo Castro, Jr., now it is Harry. My two co-anchors, two of the most respected and great broadcasters in the country, are gone in a span of two years,” said Legarda.

“It was in 1981, I was only 21 then, when I co-anchored RPN-9’s Newswatch with Harry. Harry was RPN-9’s main primetime anchor on domestic satellite and Newswatch was the highest rated and the most watched news program at that time.”

“Harry was the face of Newswatch, but more than that, he was an icon in Philippine broadcast media. He was a well-respected news anchor and he was a proud Cebuano. Harry will surely be missed,” said Legarda.