Loren laments parents peddling kids online

August 7, 2014

MANILA – Senator Loren Legarda said there should be a stronger partnership among police organizations around the world to fight cybersex operations.

Legarda said cybersex is a threat to the society since it directly affects the family.

She lamented that some parents have resorted to peddling their own children as reported in a TV Patrol broadcast Wednesday.

“We need to find more ways to immediately combat cybersex because evidently, it is affecting the very core of our society, which is the family. Parents are supposed to teach their children good values, but why are there mothers and fathers who willingly sell their children online and make them perform lewd acts in exchange for money? Nothing, not even poverty, can justify such acts,” she said in a statement.

“If children can no longer feel secure and protected in their own homes, then something is terribly wrong in our society. We need to put an end to these kinds of abuses.”

Legarda sought an intensified campaign against cybersex operations after a mother in Taguig City was arrested for using her 10-year-old daughter in a cybersex operation.

The senator said fighting a complex operation such as cybersex calls for the cooperation of police organizations around the world.

“Strengthened cooperation and improved coordination of the NBI with international police groups have led to previous successful operations against cyber pornography. We must sustain these gains and ensure the proper implementation of the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act to combat this crime,” she said.

Legarda is pushing for the passage of two bills she believes will combat illegal and lewd online operations. These are the Anti-Computer Pornography Act (Senate Bill No. 532) and the NBI Reorganization and Modernization Act (Senate Bill No. 1902).

Source: ABS-CBN News