Loren for Thy Womb

January 3, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda urges everyone to watch Brillante Mendoza’s Thy Womb with Nora Aunor, Bembol Roco and Lovi Poe.

She said that is is “a creative and fearless contribution to Filipino filmmaking,” and it deserved the seven awards it garnered at the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Brillante Mendoza won Best Production Design and Best Director, while Odyssey Flores won Best Cinematography, Henry Burgos won Best Original Story.

Nora Aunor won Best Actress for Thy Womb.

The film also won the Gender Sensitivity Special Award for the Mainstream category, and the Gatpuno Villegas Award.

“I highly recommend Thy Womb as it explores the intricacies of rural life largely through the eyes of a Badjao midwife, thereby revealing new facets of the plight of Filipino indigenous peoples,” Legarda stressed.

“Mendoza tackles heavy subject matter that our society needs to pay attention to, and does his part in encouraging other filmmakers to push the boundaries of art and storytelling,” the lady lawmaker concluded.

Source: Isah V. Red