Legarda’s Focus on Next Term: Better Lives, More Humane Society for Filipinos

May 24, 2013

Re-elected Senator Loren Legarda today said that working on legislation and programs that will make the lives of Filipinos better will be her focus on the next six years of her term.
“The focus of my term as a senator is making the lives of Filipinos better, primarily by ensuring that basic services reach the poorest sector and building a more humane society,” said Legarda, who will be serving her third term.
The Senator stressed that issues such as universal healthcare, education, livelihood, and disaster resilience, which are all vital to the everyday living of Filipinos, will be her main concern.
Among the priority measures she will file in the incoming 16th Congress are the Pantawid Tuition Program, which would fund one college graduate in every poor Filipino family; the barangay disaster resilience program, which aims to ensure that every community in the country is prepared when disasters occur; and the Magna Carta for the Poor.
Other priority bills include: the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers; increasing subsistence allowance of soldiers and police; barangay health workers benefits; agricultural extension workers benefits; anti-ethnic profiling; and creating a folk art museum in every province.
“These are poverty-alleviating measures which will have greatest impact on the poorest families and significantly change the course of their lives. In my next six years as a senator, I will continue to work for what greatly matters: food on the table, education for our children, and clean, safe communities,” Legarda concluded.