Legarda welcomes approval and ratification of New Government Procurement Act

May 23, 2024

Senator Loren Legarda hails the approval and ratification of the Bicameral Conference Committee Report for the New Government Procurement Act that is geared towards addressing tedious procedures in public procurement and ensuring a ‘fit-for-purpose’ in the adoption of procurement modalities in the country.

The New Government Procurement Act is proof of the government’s comprehensive and collective effort to overhaul the country’s procurement processes through the introduction of new procurement modes. These modes offer greater flexibility to procuring entities, enabling them to select the most appropriate method tailored to specific needs.

“This aligns with the key principles of transparency, competitiveness, efficiency, proportionality, accountability, participatory procurement, sustainability, and professionalism,” the Senator stressed.

Legarda added that, “The measure puts forward sustainable and green procurement strategies by promoting a sustainable public procurement program and environmentally conscious approach in procuring goods, infrastructure projects, and consulting services.”

The four-term senator further expressed her delight as the New Government Procurement Act aligns with the Magna Carta for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, which gives priority and preference to Philippine products and services.

“I congratulate the sponsors, Senator Sonny Angara and Representative Edward Vera Maceda, for their unwavering commitment to a more efficient, transparent, and inclusive governance framework. Let us recognize its potential to drive positive change and propel our nation towards a better future,” said Legarda, co-author and co-sponsor of the measure.

In the Senate, Legarda was chosen as one of the Bicameral Conferees, together with Senators Sonny Angara, Nancy Binay, Risa Hontiveros, and Joel Villanueva.

The Bicameral Conference Committee Report for the New Government Procurement Act was approved and ratified on Wednesday, May 22, in the Senate. (30)