Legarda: We need more climate champions

March 5, 2024

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda expressed her optimism that more would push for pro-environment advocacies upon the opening of a new class at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

The class, whose students shall be supported by Legarda, aims to create new individuals who are keen to adapt to the changing world through the Executive Master in Disaster Risk and Crisis Management (EMDRCM) program.

“One powerful solution is education, a field in which AIM excels. As we face more and more challenges from both natural disasters and ones caused by ourselves, we need to drastically reduce our vulnerability,” Legarda said during her keynote speech.

“We need to know what to do, so well that it is almost muscle memory. This scholarship program is a milestone towards that goalpost,” she added.

The Sustainable Leadership Learning for Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction (SLL-CDRR), which will last for six terms from July 2024 through December 2025, shall discuss climate as the focus for disasters and crises and ways to minimize its impact on people.

To finish the program, all 18 participants must undertake an in-depth, applied research project that could be practically used by the most vulnerable to climate change.

It is also stipulated that 9 slots shall be allotted to women to ensure gender equality.

The program shall prioritize disaster risk management officers in local government units, women leaders for climate change adaptation, indigenous group leaders, and sustainability and inclusivity champions in national government agencies.

“We face a complex challenge, but together, armed with knowledge, passion, and a commitment to collaboration, we can create a world where resilience isn’t just a buzzword, but a reality,” asserted Legarda.

“This scholarship program is a vital step in that direction. However, it’s not enough on its own. Each of us, in our own capacity, can contribute. Let’s join hands and create a future where we not only survive, but thrive, in the face of climate change. The future we build is the future we inherit – let’s make it a resilient one,” she concluded. (End)