Legarda: We Must Unite, Heighten Vigilance vs Terrorism

November 15, 2015

Senator Loren Legarda today underscored the importance of cooperation among nations in the global fight against terrorism following recent vicious attacks of terrorist groups, particularly in the cities of Paris, Beirut and Baghdad.

Legarda earlier joined the French nation and the rest of the world in condemning the November 13 attacks in several public sites in and around Paris that have killed at least 129 individuals and injured hundreds more. But the Senator said that we should also give the same attention to other cities in the world that have been subjected to atrocities carried out by terrorist groups.

On November 12, at least 41 people were killed in two suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon.

In Baghdad, Iraq, suicide blasts have been a regular occurrence, affecting many civilians. Among the more recent attacks are the suicide blast in a memorial service and roadside bombing on November 13.

“We join the families in mourning those who were killed in recent terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. Thousands of innocent lives have been lost on account of the unspeakable consequences of terrorism in other parts of the world. Here in our country, three foreigners and a Filipina have been held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group since September. These atrocious acts must be condemned in the strongest possible terms,” said Legarda.

The Senator added that as the Philippine Government hosts the APEC Leaders’ Meeting this week, the country should strengthen intelligence efforts and continue to work with the rest of the global community by sharing information, and mutually reinforcing each other’s capacities against terrorism.

Meanwhile, in observance of the International Day for Tolerance on November 16, Legarda also said that nations must unite against any form of terrorism.

“Nations and peoples may have different faiths and religious beliefs but if we are to fight terrorism, we must unite against it. Let us not subject people to any kind of discrimination due to race, gender and religion. Despite our diversity, we are one in condemning the attacks on innocent civilians. Despite our differences, we have a common goal that can unite us—to fight terrorism, to be vigilant against any form of terrorism, to protect our people from terrorism,” Legarda concluded.