Legarda Wants Modernization of Agricultural Engineering in PHL

October 24, 2014

Senator Loren Legarda has called for the approval of the measure that will strengthen and modernize the practice of Agricultural Engineering in the country, stressing that the profession is vital in achieving food security and gearing towards sustainable development.


Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, said that globally, the Agricultural Engineering profession has evolved into Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, thus there is a need to align the profession in the country to internationally recognized practice.


“I note that it is imperative to strengthen, modernize and benchmark to international standards the practice of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in the country to ensure its long-term competitiveness,” she said in her co-sponsorship speech for Senate Bill No. 2434, Philippine Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Act.


“As we seek to achieve food security and safety while at the same time raising incomes among our farmers and fisherfolks, our Agricultural and Biosystems engineers will become our crucial partners in this important development objective. They have a significant role in generating livelihoods and raising productivity in the countryside,” she added as she noted statistics showing that poverty incidence for the country’s nine basic sectors remained the highest among fisherfolks and farmers at 39.2% and 38.3%, respectively.


Legarda also said, “Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers are our partners in ensuring that our protected areas are well maintained and managed, and in improving our environment protection and climate change mitigation programs.”


The proposed measure defines Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering as the application of engineering science and designs to the processes and systems involved in the sustainable production, post production and processing of safe food, feed, fiber, timber and other agricultural and biological materials and the efficient utilization, conservation and management of natural and renewable resources in order to enhance human health in harmony with the environment.