Legarda Wants Mandatory PhilHealth Coverage for PWDs

July 30, 2016

Senator Loren Legarda has filed a measure that will mandate the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth to automatically enroll persons with disability (PWDs) in its health insurance program.

“Persons with disability have special healthcare needs and require more frequent visits to healthcare providers. Through this measure, we want to ensure that PWDs are covered by PhilHealth at no cost to them,” said Legarda.

The 2010 Census on Population and Housing shows that about 1.6 million Filipinos have disabilities.

Senate Bill No. 249 proposes to amend Republic Act No. 7277, or the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability, to add a section on mandatory PhilHealth coverage for PWDs.

Under the Bill, all PWDs shall be covered by PhilHealth. Funds necessary to ensure the enrollment of all PWDs who are not currently covered under any existing category shall be sourced from the National Health Insurance Fund of PhilHealth earmarked from the proceeds of sin tax collections as provided for in Republic Act No. 10351.

“Filipinos who have an inherent disadvantage of being PWDs should be given equal opportunity by the State, in any moral and legal way it can. As mandated by the Constitution, the State must value the dignity of every person and guarantee full respect for human rights,” said Legarda.