Legarda Urges Youth To Take Part In Zero Waste Campaign

January 7, 2015

Senator Loren Legarda called on young Filipinos to take control of their future by being actively involved in addressing environmental issues facing the country today particularly the problem of solid waste management.


Speaking before hundreds of youth leaders from various universities in Metro Manila during the Zero Waste Youth Convergence organized by the Mother Earth Foundation, Legarda said the Filipino youth should strive for a zero waste economy where the output of each resource use is converted into input for another use.


Legarda, principal author and sponsor of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Law (Republic Act No. 9003), encouraged the youth to start at home by practicing waste segregation, avoiding buying unnecessary goods, repairing electronics and appliances and patronizing recycled products.


“Parents, educators and local youth leaders play a significant role in making students understand the basics of solid waste management through simple activities and programs that involve the concepts of reducing, reusing and recycling, such as clean-up and recycling drives and green brigades,” Legarda stressed.


Legarda also lauded the Mother Earth Foundation for their relentless efforts in engaging the youth in zero waste advocacy. “I hope that your initiatives would inspire our youth to give nothing less than their wholehearted commitment so that when the next natural hazard strikes, the world will laud us not only for our resilient spirit, but also for our strength as a community.”


The Senator also stressed, “As heirs of our nation’s wealth and heritage, the youth has a primary interest in protecting and conserving the environment. We must empower them to become effective catalysts for change. We must encourage them to become the protectors of our environment so that future generations of Filipinos are able to live in a cleaner, greener, safer and healthier Philippines.”


The 2nd Zero Waste Youth Convergence was organized by Mother Earth Foundation in observance of January as the Zero Waste Month. Around 300 student leaders from public and private colleges and universities in Metro Manila gathered at the Philippine Normal University to discuss critical issues on solid waste management and disposal in the country and collaborate towards a Zero Waste Philippines. The theme of this year’s event is “#GoForZeroWaste: Burn Not, Trash Not Our Future”.