Legarda urges public to conserve water as Angat Dam level falls below minimum

July 10, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda urged residents of Metro Manila to curb water consumption as levels in Angat Dam have continued to fall beyond its minimum operating level.

Legarda emphasized the urgent action of consumers as levels are trending towards a lower level for the foreseeable future due to the dry spells caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

“Kailangan nating magtipid at siguruhing tama ang paggamit ng tubig dahil sa nararanasan nating El Niño hanggang sa mga susunod na buwan na dahilan ng pagbaba ng lebel ng tubig sa Angat Dam,” Legarda said.

Angat Dam, the source of over 98% of water in Metro Manila, fell below the minimum operating level of 180 meters on Saturday, July 8, when it registered 179.99m, according to a news report released Sunday.

Water concessionaire Maynilad Water Services, Inc. had announced that a nine-hour water service interruption would affect about 600,000 of its customers due to the dilemma.

Maynilad operates in 17 cities and municipalities scattered across the west zone of the Greater Manila Area, servicing at least 9.5 million consumers.

Legarda also called on appropriate government agencies to lead the way in helping minimize the impact of the water situation.

“Citizens have been asked to conserve water, but local government units must assure clear and constant communication with water suppliers to manage demand,” underscored Legarda.

“We should also find ways to incentivize those who have heeded our call to conserve water so that many will follow their steps in helping our environment,” she continued.

Legarda also urged residents to take advantage of the heavy downpour that affects many parts of the Metro during the afternoon and evening.

“We can innovate many ways to collect rainwater and use that for watering our plants or flushing down our toilets,” she remarked. (end)