Legarda upholds commitment to support Filipino MSMEs

July 19, 2023

Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda asserted her full support and commitment to upholding the welfare and rights of every Filipino micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME), underscoring their crucial role as one of the significant drivers in achieving a robust Philippine economy.

In her message during the National MSME Summit 2023, Legarda emphasized the need to introduce new reforms and platforms to nurture a culture of creativity and innovation within the MSME sector amidst modernization.

“We can assist in enhancing their market accessibility, upgrading technological capabilities, providing opportunities for skills development, expanding business operations, promoting initiatives to build capacity, and encouraging collaboration and the exchange of knowledge,” she conveyed.

As the principal author of the MSME Law, Legarda renewed her commitment to continuously push for pieces of legislation that will empower Filipino entrepreneurs, noting her personal commitment to this cycle of support and growth so MSMEs can become self-reliant and help others.

“When we listen to our MSMEs and provide them with the assistance they need, the circle of good loops comes in. Extending support empowers these businesses to not only flourish but also actively contribute to the development of the country,” Legarda said.

The four-term senator also extended her gratitude to all concerned agencies behind the Summit and those who support the welfare of Filipino MSMEs, saying that the event is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the government to uphold the innovation and development of the sector.

The National MSME Summit 2023 provides an avenue for government officials and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and discuss further ways to equip MSMEs with tools, insights, and connections to thrive in the changing landscapes of the country’s business environment.

“When we choose to support our MSMEs, we are actively contributing to the transformation in their lives and the entire community. Countless success stories have already emerged, and by continuing to support them, we can inspire even greater achievements,” Legarda remarked. (end)