Legarda underscores ecological responsibility and inclusivity

June 5, 2024

Senator Loren Legarda emphasized the importance of ecological responsibility and inclusivity to the operations of government-owned or -controlled corporations (GOCCs) as we live at a time when climate change has become evident.

“We face unprecedented temperature rises, extreme heat waves, and intensified storms,” Legarda said during her speech at the 13th anniversary of the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) on Tuesday, June 4.

“Yet, the conversation on climate change must include one crucial topic: gender inequality,” she added.

“The climate crisis is not gender-neutral; while it poses a threat to all, it disproportionately affects some more than others.”

The four-term senator lamented that climate change will force up to an additional 158 million women and girls into poverty by 2050, as well as 236 million to hunger, per estimations of the United Nations.

As early as 2009, Legarda already made an effort to incorporate a gender-sensitive, pro-children, and pro-poor perspective, as enshrined in the Climate Change Act, where the lawmaker served as principal author and sponsor.

“In our efforts to address the climate crisis as the most urgent issue of our time, we must ensure that women’s voices are heard and embraced as essential drivers of change,” asserted Legarda.

“Let us pledge to build upon our achievements and pave the way toward a future where every Filipino, both today and in generations to come, can thrive in a nation where potential is realized, opportunities abound, and home is protected,” she concluded.

Legarda voted in favor of the passage of the enabling law, the GOCC Governance Act of 2011, which aims to ensure that GOCCs contribute significantly to our nation’s economic development.

GOCCs have imparted a significant revenue stream for the government, raking in P88.56 billion in dividend collections, poised to surpass its P100 billion remittance in 2023.

She also reminded officials and employees alike that GOCCs must stay true to their mandate as instruments for delivering services responsive to the needs of the public.

Legarda also signed a pledge committing to uphold the principles of sustainable development and corporate governance.

It was signed by all GOCCs, as well as the Finance department. (30)