Legarda: Transparent and inclusive process vital to realizing Mindanao goals

May 22, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda today welcomed the progress in the organizational activities of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission. “The approval of its internal rules, organizational structure, and calendar of activities are key developments that highlight the Transition Commission’s commitment to achieve its objectives within a defined time frame,” the Senator said.
President Benigno Aquino signed Executive Order No. 120 in December last year, creating the Transition Commission. The Transition Commission is tasked to draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law that will be certified by the President and submitted to Congress for consideration.
“The steady progress that we are witnessing in the work of the Transition Commission is hopefully portentous of the great future that awaits the people of Mindanao,” said Legarda.
“We still have a long way to go and we expect that the Transition Commission will ensure that the entire process of drafting the Bangsamoro Basic Law will undergo consultations and continuous dialogue and consider the realities that face Mindanao and our country as a whole,” she added.
The Senator underscored the need to ensure transparency in the process with the view to enriching the process of consultations. “We are seeking to promote social, economic, and political inclusiveness for Mindanao and its people. The process that will define the framework upon which this shall be carried out should be no-less inclusive and open,” the Senator said.
The Senator also cited the need to make wise use of the technical assistance extended by the World Bank and the United Nations in support of the Mindanao peace process.
“The World Bank and the UN bring rich experience in managing political dialogues and supporting capacity-building through peace-building,” she pointed out.
“Meanwhile, as a legislator, I will do my part in ensuring that the new legislation for the Bangsamoro people becomes an instrument by which we can finally achieve lasting and durable peace in Mindanao,” Legarda concluded.