Legarda Supports DepEd and Schools in Antique

August 6, 2020

Deputy Speaker and Lone District of Antique Representative Loren Legarda aims to inculcate the Antiqueños with the importance of education by initiating the allocation of more resources for the educational needs of Antiqueño youth and children.


“Education is a fundamental right of every child. I have always believed that education is one of the most vital investments that the government should prioritize not only for the future of our youth, but also for the betterment of our nation. Giving the necessary support to our schools, teachers and students will help produce better education-related outcomes that will help our country achieve inclusive growth and global competitiveness,” Legarda said.


Legarda also believes that part of the needed reforms to upgrade the education system is to provide students with a learning ecosystem that would boost their academic performance and learning achievement. To address the long-standing problem of classroom backlog in Antique, Legarda sought additional funds under the Basic Educational Facilities Fund (BEFF) for the construction of new classrooms in the province amounting to Php 205.6 million for fiscal year 2020.


It was recently announced that 82 new classrooms in 12 elementary schools and high schools in the municipalities of Laua-an, Culasi, Hamtic, San Remigio, Sibalom, Tibiao, Tobias Fornier, Belison, and Patnongon will be constructed. Meanwhile, the construction of 16 new classrooms in the municipalities of San Remigio, Anini-y and Bugasong has been ongoing and nearing its completion with an allocated budget of P29.54 million from BEFF of 2019.


Legarda also initiated the repair and rehabilitation of Gabaldon heritage school buildings in various campuses in the province not only to promote the concept of heritage conservation, but also ease classroom shortage and congestion.


As Representative, Legarda filed 19 local bills which seek to convert and establish public schools in Antique to address the need for a more accessible primary and secondary education for school children in the province without them having to go far from their communities.


Among other DepEd projects funded were the electrification of additional classrooms, the conduct of different skills and talent competitions among our school children under the Festival of Talents, provision of musical instruments to Drum and Lyre Corps of Sibalom National Highschool, and training for culture mapping for teachers.


In addition to this, Legarda also supported the DepEd Schools Division of Antique office by working on additional maintenance operating and other expenses (MOOE), which includes provisions for the repair and improvement of their multi-purpose hall, sports office, smart or ICT office, and for traveling to better monitor our schools province-wide.


In partnership with the Development Academy of the Philippines, Legarda will also provide training for key officials of the DepEd Schools Division including the twenty-two (22) district supervisors. This training, which will be held in September, aims to enhance the leadership and management competencies of our education officials to help achieve a modernized and adaptive education management and governance in the province.


“As your Representative, I will continue to strive and implement programs and initiatives that would enhance the quality of education and enhance the skills of our educators for the benefit of my kasimanwa and for the productivity and growth of our province,” Legarda said.#