Legarda: Strengthen Diplomatic Relations with other nations through ‘cultural diplomacy’

September 19, 2013

Legarda: Strengthen Diplomatic Relations with other nations through ‘cultural diplomacy’

Senator Loren Legarda today urged the government to pursue strengthened diplomatic relations with other nations through cultural diplomacy during the budget hearing of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“We need a cultural renaissance. We need to understand that our culture, shaped by our heritage, practices, and tradition, is a powerful tool in promoting our diplomatic agenda,” Legarda said.

“I am confident that our artistry and culture would leave other nations in awe. Our indigenous peoples are the epitome of the tradition, the skill and the creativity of the great Filipino mind,” she added.

Legarda, who chairs the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities, also asked the Department to participate in Venice Biennale, a prestigious contemporary art exhibition.

“I note that many countries, including Bangladesh and Maldives, are participating, and it behooves me to look into the reasons for the Philippines’ lack of representation in such a prestigious global cultural event.”

Moreover, she emphasized the necessity for the Philippines to engage the international community on the cultural level.

“If the problem lies on budgetary constraints, I believe we can be more creative. You’d be surprised with the kind of support the private sector would be willing to give,” she added.

During her stint as Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Legarda has reported 19 out of the 21 treaties, 16 of which were adopted as international agreements.