Legarda seeks stronger support for Filipino Arts and Culture

March 1, 2022

Three-term Senator and Senatorial Candidate Loren Legarda seeks stronger support from the government and fellow Filipinos to further develop and promote Filipino Arts and Culture following the celebration of Arts Month last February.

In celebration of our artistic excellence and diverse cultural heritage, Legarda called on the government to regularly showcase Philippine art and culture through art fairs, exhibitions, and workshops that will enrich the awareness and enthusiasm of Filipinos.

“I thank the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), as well as other government agencies, private and civil society organizations, for organizing events and activities that highlight the artistic brilliance of the Filipinos every February in line with the National Arts Month. I hope that we continue this even after the monthly celebration to provide space for our Filipino artists to showcase their skills and nurture future talents. I also wish that we continue to support our indigenous groups who have shown us traditional and indigenous arts and practices that form part of our culture and identity as a Filipino,” Legarda said.

As a champion for the promotion of Philippine art and culture, Legarda supported several programs, projects, and events that aim to showcase Filipino creativity. Among these are the National Arts and Crafts Fair organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Manila FAME organized by the Center for Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), Philippine Harvest organized by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Legarda also encouraged Filipinos to promote Philippine arts and culture to further develop our sense of identity and nationalism. She encouraged everyone to participate in various activities that feature our country’s rich artistry and cultural heritage.

“Tayong mga Pilipino ay sadyang malikhain. Our love for the arts is immeasurable and this can be seen from our ancestors’ works. We have to promote it as well as embrace it. The world needs to know more about the Filipino culture and artistry — our own identity,” Legarda added.

The three-term Senator also initiated several programs and policies that aim to promote our people’s arts and cultural diversity. To preserve the art of Filipino weaving, Legarda pushed for the strengthened implementation of the Philippine Tropical Fabrics Law, which she principally authored, as it seeks to expand the tropical fabrics industry and support the local and indigenous weavers and artisans.

Similarly, Legarda co-authored House Bill 10657 which aims to promote patriotism among Filipinos by inculcating, propagating, and conserving the cultural heritage and treasures of the country through our indigenous and traditional writing systems. Moreover, Legarda also proposed the establishment of a Department of Culture, which will initiate programs and activities promoting national identity and culture.

Legarda also promotes culture- and arts-based livelihood, thus, supporting indigenous communities and the Schools of Living Tradition (SLT). She has provided support for the SLT Assistance to Artisans, Enhanced SLT Program, establishment of weaving, natural dye and processing centers, and establishment of pineapple farms and fiber extraction facilities and abaca fiber production in some localities in the country. She also partnered with the National Museum of the Philippines for the establishment of the “Hibla ng Lahing Filipino: The Artistry of Philippine Textiles”, the first permanent textile gallery which showcases an extensive textile collection that includes Abel Iloko from Vigan; Tingguian blanket from Abra; Ga’dang garments from Ifugao; the oldest banton cloth from Romblon; and Maranao garments from Southern Mindanao, among others.

“Arts and culture reflect the identity and history of a community. Having a strong sense of identity is important in ensuring that progress is inclusive and lasting,” Legarda said in a previous statement.