Legarda Seeks Implementation of Tropical Fabrics Law

February 20, 2013

In her visit to Panay Island, Senator Loren Legarda encouraged the strengthening of the tropical fabrics industry through the implementation of Republic Act 9242 or the Philippine Tropical Fabrics Law.

“Weaving is a traditional industry in Panay Island and we should eagerly promote it as it will bring not only huge profits, but also recognition for the creativity and remarkable skill of Filipino weavers,” said Legarda, author of RA 9242.

Legarda said that the faithful implementation of RA 9242 will help jumpstart efforts to build up the tropical fabrics industry, while giving a much needed boost to the agricultural and industrial sectors.

“RA 9242 intends to promote the country’s natural fabrics through the use of such materials for official uniforms of government officials and employees, with the end in view of strengthening the local fiber industry. This law will also boost the agricultural sector, which will provide the raw materials such as pineapple, banana, and abaca fibers,” she said.

“The strengthening of the tropical fabrics industry is also attuned to our advocacy of promoting sustainable development and preserving our nation’s rich heritage. While being environment-friendly, this effort also instills pride and a sense of identity and nationalism as we use fabrics are distinctly Filipino-made,” Legarda concluded.