Legarda reveals black ops against her

February 6, 2013

MANILA, Philippines— Senator Loren Legarda exposed on Wednesday that there was a “disinformation campaign” against her that said she had filed a bill reducing the benefits of government employees.
“It has come to my knowledge that certain individuals with ill-motives have spread within several government institutions malicious, false, inaccurate and baseless information that I purportedly authored a bill that would reduce the leave credits and retirement benefits of government employees,” Legarda said in a privilege speech.
She said that the “vicious, malicious black propaganda” that was spreading through text messages, emails, as well as social media were “fabricated with no other purpose than to destroy my reputation as champion for the rights of government workers.”
Legarda however refused to name those behind the propaganda.
“Hindi ako mag-aaksaya ng oras at panahon para patulan [sila] (I wouldn’t waste my time answering their queries),” she said.
She said that this was not the first time black propaganda against her have spread.

Source: Matikas Santos (Philippine Daily Inquirer