Legarda respects Church position on RH

February 23, 2013

NATIONALIST People’s Coalition (NPC) reelectionist Senator Loren Legarda has shown respect to the Catholic Church position of opposing the newly enacted Reproductive Health (RH) law.

Legarda was among the candidates who were identified by the Catholic Church as political aspirants whom the faithful should not support during the May polls because of her affirmative vote to the controversial RH law.

She said that, if one reads the RH law, abortion is not included or being promoted.

“I am against abortion. The law is there to provide the people the needed information and help to women. This does not violate any law and morality. I will not allow a measure that will kill a child inside his or her mother’s womb,” she said.

She added that the Senate has deliberated on it. She declared her position immediately on it, studied it, amended it and eventually voted on it based on study and conscience, but she respects the Church position.

She vowed that she will continue to perform her role as a Catholic.

“I pray the Rosary every day. I can’t sleep without praying the Rosary. I go to the mass every day. I am a practicing Roman Catholic. I value the Church opinion and I have high respect for the Church hierarchy and the bishops,” she said.

The Catholic Church has issued a list of “Team Patay” that enumerated the candidates supporting the RH bill that the Catholic faithful should not support during the May polls.

Source: Carla N. Canet (Sunstar)