Legarda Reiterates Call for Strict Enforcement of Solid Waste Management Law

July 25, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda today reiterated her call for faithful compliance with Republic Act 9003 (Ecological Solid Waste Management Act), saying that the failure to do so will endanger not only the environment but also more lives and livelihood.

Legarda made the statement in support of the joint call of the environmental groups Greenpeace and the EcoWaste Coalition for the cleanup of the Manila Bay by 13 government agencies as ordered by the Supreme Court five years ago, and the closure of a dumpsite located at Pier 18 in Manila.

“Open and controlled dumpsites should have long been closed as mandated by RA 9003. We must implement the law at full speed, especially now that we are facing threats of extreme weather events that can trigger environmental disasters such as the Payatas tragedy in Manila and the Irisan trash slide in Baguio,” said Legarda.

“I will push for an environmental audit to see the rate of compliance with our environmental laws, including the Solid Waste Management Act, and examine together with our lead implementing agencies what impedes the strict enforcement of these laws,” she added.

The Senator also stressed the need for a concrete report on the clean-up plan for the restoration and preservation of the Manila Bay to reclaim its stunning beauty and proclaim its significance as one of the images of the State’s capital.

“The Manila Bay is one of Metro Manila’s crowning glories, boasting the best view of the sunset as it features prominently in both local and international tourism campaigns. And yet it continues to be neglected—the view of the otherwise beautiful sunset is marred by styrofoam containers, plastic bags, or discarded appliances, and the stench is unbearable at times. It is time that we take a stand against this pollution and degradation,” said Legarda.