July 8, 2022

Four-term Senator Loren Legarda highlighted the importance of passing a Magna Carta of Private School Teachers to safeguard the rights and welfare of the teaching force in private institutions. 

She has filed Senate Bill 3, which aims to improve the social and economic status of private school teachers by protecting their rights and providing security of tenure and permanence, which assures the stability of their employment. The proposed measure also provides guidelines on compensation, leave, and retirement benefits, as well as Teachers’ Organizations. 

“We must continue to promote and advance the social, economic, and professional status of teachers and non-teaching personnel as they all play an invaluable role in national development,” Legarda said. 

As Legarda returns to the Senate for the fourth time, the veteran Senator intends to push for more measures that will advance the status and boost the morale of teachers both in public and private schools. RA 4670, or the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, was passed into law in 1966 and has provided guidelines for teachers’ employment, salaries, and working conditions. “The same rights must be given to private school teachers,” Legarda added. 

Legarda has also filed a bill amending the Magna Carta of Public School Teachers.##