Legarda Pushes for Greater Investment in Filipino Talent

March 18, 2014

In a bid to further promote the exceptional talent of Filipino artists, Senator Loren Legarda today pushed for greater investment in various performing arts groups.

Legarda said that the government must also support other performing arts organizations, as it does with the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company, which was cited as the Philippine’s national folk dance company through Republic Act No. 8626.

“Performing art is important not only in its process, product, words and rhythm, but also as a way to bring catharsis, social change and democracy. As arts and culture aspire to strengthen communities, remove social barriers, and engage citizens, it is vital that the government supports not just one particular group but several qualified arts groups and organizations,” she explained.

“The country needs to invest in Filipino talent in order to build national identity,” Legarda said.

It is in this light that Legarda filed Senate Bill No. 2170, the proposed Philippine National Performing Art Companies Act, which will give recognition to various performing arts groups in diverse fields such as ballet, contemporary dance, orchestral music, choral music and theatre.

The bill proposes to declare one national ballet/contemporary dance company; national choral ensemble; national orchestra; and national theater group as a Philippine National Performing Arts Company for a period of five years.

These companies will be provided with government support to showcase their works at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and other venues. The groups will also receive government funding, have access to grants, and be allowed to use government facilities.